Website is LIVE!

I’m very excited to see Wellesley’s first Farmers’ Market moving forward! I’m looking forward to a central location for local farmers/crafters to sell their products on a weekly basis, not having to drive all the way to St. Jacobs and fight the tourists just to buy some veggies! This is going to be a trial year and if things progress then maybe we’ll be looking at a year-round market at some point – indoors in the winter…don’t worry 😉 Remember – the market starts June 7th and will run until October 4th this year (2014). It will be held weekly from 9 – 12 on Saturday mornings – in the pavilion at the park! So your kids (and dogs) can play while you shop. Could you do me a favour?

Please! Tell your friends….

Please! Sign up to become a vendor….

Please! Sign up to be a busker….

Please! Come and shop….

Please! Ask me questions if you have some….

In community spirit,
Pam Wideman


2 thoughts on “Website is LIVE!

  1. Pam, we are thrilled to hear the great news about the market coming in june!! I would like info on becoming a vendor for both maple syrup and beerf jerky! 519-591-3806 or 519-656-9359.
    Look forward to hearing from you in the near future!
    Warm regards Heather

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