The Wellesley Farmers’ Market is a community supported market. The goal is to provide the community with quality local foods, crafts and other local products.

In order to obtain the Farmers Market designation with Waterloo Region Public Health, over 50% of the vendors must be the farmer/producer of the product and cannot be a distributor. As a result, the vendor options will be limited to local farmers, growers, and producers for the majority of the spots. The remaining spots will be for local crafters and other vendors who make their products.

Our goal is to allow for a direct relationship between the farmer/producer and the consumer. As such, direct sales vendors will not be permitted for the 2014 season. Direct sales includes things such as distributors of non-locally grown food; Tupperware; Epicure etc.

Agricultural Product Vendors: At least 75% of the products sold by a vendor must be grown/raised on the vendor’s farm and be located within 30 minutes of Wellesley Township.

Prepared Food Products: If the Wellesley Farmer’s Market does not obtain the Farmers market designation, all vendors selling prepared foods must follow the Waterloo Region health and safety guidelines of preparing the food in certified and inspected kitchens. If we do obtain the Farmers Market designation, prepared food products do not have to come from certified and inspected kitchens.

 Arts and Crafts: Although the Market is primarily agriculture, we welcome local arts and craft vendors.

Permits: Vendors are required to comply with all Market policies, as well as any Municipal, Provincial & Federal Regulations regarding labeling, measures, health and safety etc for all products offered for sale at the Market. Vendors are responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses, permits, inspections and certification for the sale of their products.

Food Safety: All persons handling food products must maintain a high standard of personal hygiene. Vendors and staff must apply minimum food safety guidelines as set out by municipal, provincial and federal agencies. It is the vendors responsibility to be familiar with the regulations. All foods offered for sale must be protected from contamination. Baking and processed foods must be pre-packaged at the point of production or contained in a display case to protect them from contamination.

Payments: All seasonal booking payments are due prior to June 7, 2014. Payments can be made to Pamela Wideman. Email Money Transfers can be sent to pwidemanphoto@gmail.com, checks and cash can be mailed to P.O. Box 161 Wellesley, Ontario N0B 2T0. If you would like a pick up, please contact Pam Wideman. There will be no refunds. Your spot is not confirmed until your payment is received and cleared in the bank (checks).

Vendor Market Day: You are responsible for manning your booth, change, tables, signs, and leaving your area exactly as it was upon arrival. Failure to clean-up may result in your removal from market participation. After your stand is set up, you are asked to park your vehicle by the arena. Late arrivals only hurt the market and risk injury to customers – please use the hour prior to the market to set up your booth and be ready by 9am sharp.



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